rubysuite-e1409707497962-320x248Stone Meadow Kennels offers TLC boarding, which means that we do everything possible to make your pet’s visit the happiest and safest – ever. We start with a safe, secure, cozy and clean accommodation. And we work hard to maintain the cleanliness. We scrub the kennel daily top to bottom with detergent and scrub brush. Rinse, then squeegee dry. Spray special disinfectant (same stuff used by vets and it smells great), allow to work on all surfaces for 10 minutes, then towel dry.

We supply orthopedic beds that keep pets comfortable and supported during their sleep. These beds are particularly loved by seniors, whose aging joints are cushioned by the bed and kept warm with fleece bedding.

Soothing music is piped throughout our facility to create a tranquil and pleasing setting. Thick fleece bedding is provided by us and laundered daily, or you may bring your own bedding, if desired.Our facilities are environmentally controlled with central A/C and central heat through a continuous flow air filtration system for optimum comfort and respiratory health.

TLC Boarding at Stone Meadow Kennelskitchen-540x359

To insure continuity of diet, we feed what you feed. To that end, we stock over 17 kinds of dry foods and a variety of canned foods.

Some pets may be choosey in their eating habits, and we work with you to create a perfect recipe. We have a custom kitchen where we can create the most savory and healthy meals for the most particular palates. We cook up fresh boiled chicken and a nutritious broth, steamed rice, tasty macaroni and cheese, and so on to entice even the pickiest of eaters.

Medications are dispensed to pets by our staff at no extra charge. We will follow your veterinarians instructions, and we appreciate your advice on how best administer those medications. Always tell us about a pet’s food allergies and aversions!

After a five night stay we give our dog boarders a complimentary bath. We use a super mild professional oatmeal shampoo that cleans well, yet does not irritate sensitive skin. We can also you your medicated shampoo that you provide – just let us know!

Stop by for a tour and see for yourself!