At Stone Meadow Kennels we work hard to gain your and your dog’s trust. Here are a few of the very warm thanks we have received from our esteemed customers this year.

What our customers experience

It’s now been 5 years+ that we’ve been boarding our English Bull Terrier, Spanky, at Stone Meadow Kennels and I really can’t say enough about the level of service and care that you and your staff have consistently provided over the years. Whenever I travel, whether it be for business or vacation, I never have to worry about leaving Spanky at Stone Meadow. He always comes back well taken care of, happy and content.

I selected Stone Meadow Kennels because during initial investigation and comparison with other kennels

in both the Westchester and Putnam areas, I found the facility to be incredibly clean and well run in the most professional, organized fashion. After 5 years of boarding my dog, I have to say that the level of consistency had never faltered and if anything, continues to improve with new process and enhancements across the board.

We really appreciate all that you and your staff does for us in taking great care of Spanky and honestly feel that you go above and beyond to make sure that he is looked after in and given the level of personal attention that everyone boarding their pet should have. As you know, we also take advantage of the other options you provide for additional personal attention, such as dedicated play times, walks, etc.. Spanky is now 11 years old I can honestly say that we would never imagine choosing any other option for boarding him. Stone Meadow is truly his second home and we truly appreciate you always treating Spanky like part of your family!

– Gina & Craig C.
What our customers find

We have been boarding our rescued Alaskan Malamutes at Stone Meadow Kennels since 1994, and our first Malamute, Allie, was used by Stone Meadow in its TV advertisement for the kennel that year. Our second rescued Malamute, Willie, is now almost 13-1/2 years old and we have been boarding him at Stone Meadow for the past 12 years. NEVER have we been disappointed in his care (nor Allie’s), and he always comes home happy and clean. The kennel is spotless, Willie gets play time, and the staff is wonderfully caring and accommodating to our feeding wishes and my almost daily calls to check up on Willie…..especially the kennel’s manager. They always greets Willie with a sincere welcome which warms our hearts, and we leave the kennel knowing he is in the best of care. There is absolutely no other kennel we would use……period!!!

– Marie & Ray M.
What our customers say

“I can’t say enough good things about Stone Meadow Kennels! My husband and I call Stone Meadow Kennels “the spa” because our dog Chance is so well taken care of and pampered that he doesn’t want to come home! The owners, Jon and Beth, and their manager, Chris, and the entire staff create a warm, safe, loving and happy environment for all of their “guests”. Chance runs into the Office and heads straight for the kennel door, which he scratches at until he is taken in. Chance doesn’t even look back at me or say good-by – which I think says it all! Chance loves Stone Meadow Kennels and so do I! There is no other kennel I would consider taking my pet to! ”

– Wendy G.

What our customers relate

“Several years ago our 11 1/2 year-old Westie found a second home at Stone Meadow Kennels. I no longer panic when I have to leave town and worry about who will take care of Scottie with the same level of love, attention and care he receives at home. The staff at Stone Meadow Kennels treat Scottie as a member of their family and tend to his ever-increasing needs as he ages. Scottie is now on two daily medication, one of which involves a syringe, and the Stone Meadow staff administer these medications at the same time and in the same way we do at home, ensuring he has consistency every day no matter which “home” he’s in. Their facility is constructed in a way that ensures Scottie can never get loose or lost, which was a non-negotiable aspect of where I would place my trust for his care. I never imagined that I would enjoy the level of freedom and flexibility I now have until Scottie found his second home at Stone Meadow Kennels.”

– Carolyn S.

What our customers write

“Stone Meadow Kennels was home to Alfredo on two occasions…just this summer! Four days one time…and an unprecedented 8 days without our dog the second time. Both times were great, I knew he was being cared for and walked (playtime upgrade a must) so we could enjoy our vacation! Thanks Jon!”

– Mike B.

What our customers tell

“I have used Stone Meadow Kennels for years for both my dogs. The main reason I keep going back is because of convenience, the cleanliness of the facility, and most important, I trust Jon to take good care of my dogs.”

– Lou N.