Dog Vaccines
Required to be current:
-Bivalent CIV
Cat Vaccines
Required to be current:
– Rabies
-Feline Distemper

Meals & medications

Call us to find out if we have your brand food; if not, you may want to bring your own. 

We administer supplements & non-injected medications at no additional fee.

Toys & Bedding

By all means bring one or two toys for your dog – but please not a favorite.  

Freshly washed bedding is supplied to every boarder daily. 


Central A/C & heat provides a comfortable and safe environment for your pets year round.

Back-up generators ensure the perfect environment no matter what the weather.

What’s  included

Included in the boarding price are our in stock dry dog foods, and Friskies dry & wet for cat.
We always have an ample supply of freshly boiled chicken & rice for picky eaters.

What else?

Owners reside on site.
Complimentary bath & blow dry for canines after 5 nights boarding.
Discount boarding rate after 2 weeks boarding.
 One-on-one activities for canines in our fully fence-in play fields.