“It’s all about pets.”

Jon Hallett trained as a Canine Obedience and Behavioral Problem Consultant at the K9 Training Center, Newington, CT, and dreamed of creating a safe space for pets to stay & play. He competed in AKC agility for 10 years with corgis Scout & Jane.   Jon has a B.A. in Business, and was a manager in the technology sector.

“Pets are our life .”

Beth Hallett says her passion is to apply her focus & attention to detail to the care of pets. She competed in AKC agility for 10 years with corgi Topper &  Swedish Vallhund Ruby. She  earned a B.A. Chemistry & M.S. Computer Science, and was an Engineer at AMD and QC Director for TAG, Raytheon in Switzerland producing semiconductors.

Let’s play!

Welcome to the Playground!